About A. Laraki

The Story

Laraki’s strong passion for yachts, cars, and visual arts, in general, had decided on his professional and life career when he was only seven years old. “I still remember the night I was struck and baffled by the beauty and luxury of superyachts as I was walking with my father along the docks of Puerto Banus in the summer of 1980. No doubt that night changed my whole life, and all I could think about was yachts and design” Fast forward thirteen years later, in pursuit of his childhood dream of becoming a world-class designer, he joined Franco Sbarro school of design in Switzerland, where he learned the secrets of concept car design and fabrication. After graduating, he joined Art Center College of Design in Vevey, Switzerland, and later Strate College of Design in Paris, where he obtained his master’s degree in industrial design.

While still in his college years in Europe, Laraki was already designing for prominent companies and high-profile clients such as Audemars Piguet, Mangusta Yachts, Versil Craft, Maserati, and Alfa Romeo, among many others who had tremendous belief in his talent and skills early on.

While still acting as a freelancer for several international brands, Laraki decided in 2001 to capitalize on his acquired professional experience and founded his “off the wall” supercar brand, Laraki Automobiles. A new automotive brand dedicated to creating unique cars with unmatched styling, top-level performance, and extreme rarity.

Although Laraki was heavily involved with the supercar industry since the early 2000s, he always made sure never to stop creating unique and innovative yacht designs for shipyards, clients, and even other design studios with passion and total dedication.