“Tell me your dreams and I’ll write you a fantasy. Tell me your fantasies and I’ll paint you a dream for the mind’s eye you can get lost in.”
~ Henry Vaughan

Welcome to Passion Made into Perfection

Laraki is an award-winning, world-class designer and entrepreneur who has long specialized in high-end luxury products. Operating from Newport Beach, California, since 1999, Laraki collaborates with the world’s most notable shipyards and car brands, driving the yachting and automotive industry to new heights in design and technology.    

Yacht Design

Looking back, Laraki was the first industrial designer to pioneer 3D modeling and 3D visualization in the yacht design process, revolutionizing the yacht building industry. But beyond the technology and tools, there would be no design without a deeply inspired and well-thought-out artistic vision. “A gratifying moment for me is when I see my clients’ eyes light up as I sketch their dream yachts right in front of them,” quite an exciting moment after which months of hard work and continuous efforts are necessary to design, develop, and finalize every single detail that makes the yacht “a journey that I often find just as exciting as the finished yacht.”

Next Level Auto Design

“Having designed and built my very first car in my parents’ garage at 16 taught me that once you see your dream, suddenly the impossible becomes possible. I never stopped since.”

Architecture Design

Laraki’s curiosity and search for new personal expression mediums have led him to also work on architectural projects.

Innovative Product Design

Product design is yet another industrial design field that Laraki has exercised since the late 1990s.


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